Founded in the Fall of 2003, Ohr Menachem Chabad of North Bay Village has quickly become a beacon of Yiddishkeit for hundreds of Jews in the surrounding communities.

Under the direction of Rabbi Faivish Dalfin, Ohr Menachem Chabad seeks to hold high the light of Torah and mitzvos, helping Jews reconnect with their proud ancestry and life-affirming traditions in an environment that is both welcoming and stimulating. Lively prayers and amiable kiddushim await all who visit our shul.

Be sure to look around and learn more about our programs, both locally and in Israel, and perhaps join in on our effort to bring sanctity into the world, so that we may merit the arrival of Moshiach Now!

Our congregation is comprised of very kind people in our community who always are willing to help. Our shul is an family oriented synagogue where everyone feels involved. A Jewish education for all our people is what we believe to be important.

Rabbi Favish Dafin and Chaya Sara moved to Florida from Brooklyn NY in 1990 as emissaries for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, may his merits shield us. Our mission is to spread Torah and kindness throughout the community. Mrs Chaya Sara is the principal for the girls division of the LEC Chabad school in North Miami Beach Florida. She has been instrumental in Jewish education for over 30 year.
We established Ohr Menachem Chabad in North Bay Village in 2003.

In 2015 Rabbi Mendy & Mushka Dalfin joined our Congregation, as  emissaries of the Rebbe, to 
Expand our programs and outreach to Normandy and Biscayne Point, in North Beach.
North Bay Village is an incorporated city inside Miami with a population of approximately 8,000 residents.

Our synagogue is very welcoming and open to all Jews regardless of background or affiliation. We make sure everyone feels welcome no matter what level of observance and Torah Knowledge each person has.

We are Guided by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Chabad Lubavitch has set the dictum of “Love your fellow as you love yourself” as the defining factor in its approach of unconditional acceptance of fellow Jewish people. Each individual is encouraged to appreciate the power of our heritage at their own comfortable pace.

Ohr Menachem is Located at 1700 79th Street Causeway Suite #134, North Bay Village Fl 33141. Chabad offers a wide variety of educational and spiritual opportunities, including Torah classes and lectures, Shabbat dinners, and an array of family and social activities. We visit the sick and we help many orphans and people who are struggling to survive. We have a daily minyan and welcome new visitors.

Our Chabad is part of the entire world wide movement started by the great Rebbe to flood the World with the knowledge of G‑d and to increase the acts of kindness to hasten the coming of Moshiach NOW!

Our families, look forward to meeting you!